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  • Should You Be Exercising While Sick?

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    A general rule of thumb is: if the symptoms are above the neck, such as a blocked nose or sneezing, you should be fine to train. However if the symptoms are below the neck, such as nausea, fever or a chesty cough, you should take the time off to recover.

    Training with ‘above the neck symptoms’ (generally more of the cold-like symptoms) shouldn’t be anything too strenuous. Stick to more gentle activities such as walking, general flexibility and stretching, and yoga. Try to avoid strenuous activities, especially those out in the cold.

    Top tips for training while sick:

    DO – listen to your body. If you get halfway through your training session and you’re feeling worse, end it there and try again another day

    DO – keep up your fluid intake

    DO – wash your hands, especially if using/sharing equipment– when it comes to germs, sharing is not caring!

    DO – keep eating wholesome, nutritious foods. Lots of veggies for vitamins and minerals, and protein to help support your immune system

    DON’T – over exert yourself. If you exercise too strenuously, you can put too much pressure on your immune system therefore prolonging the illness

    Mel’s Remedies

    - A great natural remedy for a cold is a simple honey and lemon tea. Juice one lemon, add boiling water and a tablespoon of honey. Taken before bedtime, this can help reduce the severity of the cold and reduce coughing overnight.

    - Garlic can also be used as a remedy due to its antimicrobial, antiviral and antibiotic properties. If you’re brave enough, you can try simply eating a raw clove of garlic. You can also buy a garlic supplement to get the same benefits.


    Stay Healthy!


  • Bootcamp Sessions - Technique Sessions with Dave

    Friday, October 10, 2014

    Hi guys,

    Dave will be taking some of the bootcamp sessions at Harbourside Fitness.

    The sessions at the moment will be Naremburn Monday's at 6.30pm and North Sydney Saturday's at 9am.

    These session with be based around making sure you have the right technique and feel comfortable doing all the exercises. These will be great sessions for anyone front beginer to long trem member.

    If you have any question about exercise come to these sessions and he'll answer them for you. 


    Thank you, 

    The Team at Harbourside Fitness.

  • Are you doing Dry July?

    Friday, June 27, 2014

    Join our 28-Day Challenge to make the most of this opportunity! It's the perfect time to drop unwanted belly fat and get back in shape!

    Using our diet and exercise program in combination with Dry July will help you accelerate your weight loss results and get you on track to the body of your dreams!

    For new members you get the following:

    • 28-Days of meal plans!
    • 28-Days of workouts for at home or the gym
    • 28-Days of unlimited boot camp access at any of our 5 locations
    • Online Nutrition Coaching with phone calls and 24/7 email support
    • Facebook Support Group.
    • Daily nutrition coaching and tracking with MyFitnessPal app.
    • Access to our Members Only Website full of tips, recipes, meal plans, training programs and exercises.

    All you need to do is, follow the meal plan, fill in MyFitnessPal each day, post your food diary in the private facebook group and come to the bootcamps 2 to 3 times a week.

    Normally $228 but Book NOW to get the whole programme for just $99. Save over 60%.

    Due to the comprehensive nature of the program spots are LIMITED to the first 12 people to join.

    For current clients we have a special offer. Add the 28-Day Challenge to you current bootcamp membership for just $28.

    You get all the elements of the program for just $28. 

    Book your spot now.

    Just want to know more?

    Register to book your spot and we'll give you a call to tell you more about it.

    Look forward to chatting to you 


  • My top 6 stretches

    Friday, June 13, 2014

    We constantly see people with poor posture, niggling injuries and aches and pains that can normally be treated through stretching.

    Here are my top six easy to do at home top 6 stretches. Aim to hold each stretch for 20-30-60 seconds resting for 5 seconds and repeating 3 times each and 3 times a week or every second day.

    1) Elevated heels stretch

    With the balls of your feet elevated on a small step or wedge and you heels on the group, slowly slid your hands down your legs keeping your knees locked out and aiming to touch your toes. Targeting the calves, hamstring, gluts and lower back.











    2) Hip flexor stretch 

    At the bottom of a lung position push your hip and front knee forward keeping your chest up until you feel a stretch in the front of the hip of your back leg. Targeting the hip flexors (Iliacus, Psoas major) and quadriceps.









    Intensify this stretch by reaching back and pulling your back foot up of the ground balancing on your back knee, this gives a deeper stretch to the quadriceps. If you are unable to do this a standard standing quad stretch will do the trick.

    3) Lower back crossover stretch 

    This is a great one for people who have lower back issues. Start slow with this one and you may only feel a stretch in your gluts the first few times, as they are so tight.

    Lay flat on your back and slid your right foot up so it is inline with your left knee, take your right arm out to 90 degrees from your side and with your left arm pull your right knee over to the floor on the left side of your body keeping your right shoulder on the ground. Target muscles Erector spinae, Quadratus lumborum, Gluts.








    Change the angle of the knee from lower to higher to stretch different areas of the lower back and gluts.


    The next two stretches are great to relieve upper back pain and reduce the risk of shoulder injury when exercising by relieving rounded shoulders (common for people sitting at a desk all day).

    4) Pec stretch

    Hitting all the different angles of this stretch will give you the most benefit as some people will be tighter in different areas. 20 seconds on each stretch 3 times through. Target muscles Pectorals and Internal rotators of the rotator cuff.












    5) Upper trap stretch

    Start seated and with you right hand holding onto the bottom of your seat, then look down and slightly to the left, aim to point your chin to your arm pit, if you don’t feel a stretch take your left arm and light pull down on the top of your head until you feel the stretch. Target muscles Upper trapezius and Levator scapulae.









    6) Thoracic stretch

    This stretch can be done best with a foam roller or rolled up towel. Place the roller just bellow your shoulder blades, lift your hips up and lower your head to the ground, now slowly lower your hips to the ground and lay back. Don’t be concerned if you hear your back "crack",  try and relaxed here for 30 to 60 seconds.








    Running through these stretch after a long day at the office and also after a hard training session will reduce your risk of chronic injuries and help keep you moving freely.


    To healthy Living

    Daniel Christie

  • 8-Week Challenge WINNERS - MENS

    Friday, May 09, 2014

    Big Congratulations to Dan Wilmot for being the Male winner of the 8-week Challenge.

    Dan lost an awesome 9.2 kilos is just 8 weeks by following the nutrition plan and structured exercise programme.

    Dan also lost 5cm off his chest, 6cm off his waist and 5cm off his hips. He also increased his push-ups by 20 and took over a minute of his 3 peaks fitness run.

    Also big congratulations to Deepak Sundaram for coming a very close 2nd.

    Deepak overcome injury to lose 7.2 kilos in just 8 weeks. 

    Deepak also lost 5cm off his waist and 8cm off his hips. He also increased his push-ups by 19, added 1.16 minutes to his plank and took over 4 minutes of his 3 peaks run

    "I did my weigh in, I'm impressed with it and I don't want to stop here and want to keep pushing. Finally can fit into my slim fit shirt, which I bought almost 3 years ago. Feeling very fresh and energetic these days." Deepak

    The ladies will be announced next week!


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