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  • 8-Week Challenge WINNERS - MENS

    Friday, May 09, 2014

    Big Congratulations to Dan Wilmot for being the Male winner of the 8-week Challenge.

    Dan lost an awesome 9.2 kilos is just 8 weeks by following the nutrition plan and structured exercise programme.

    Dan also lost 5cm off his chest, 6cm off his waist and 5cm off his hips. He also increased his push-ups by 20 and took over a minute of his 3 peaks fitness run.

    Also big congratulations to Deepak Sundaram for coming a very close 2nd.

    Deepak overcome injury to lose 7.2 kilos in just 8 weeks. 

    Deepak also lost 5cm off his waist and 8cm off his hips. He also increased his push-ups by 19, added 1.16 minutes to his plank and took over 4 minutes of his 3 peaks run

    "I did my weigh in, I'm impressed with it and I don't want to stop here and want to keep pushing. Finally can fit into my slim fit shirt, which I bought almost 3 years ago. Feeling very fresh and energetic these days." Deepak

    The ladies will be announced next week!


  • Ben Morris - 12 week tranformation, changed my life

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    At the beginning of 2013 I came to Harbourside Fitness overweight, unhappy and in need of a lifestyle overhaul. A 33-year-old DJ, I'd been leading an unhealthy life for years, consisting of bad food, too much alcohol and poor sleeping patterns. 

    Thanks to Dave, the crew at Harbourside Fitness and a lot of hard work, I now feel like I am in my early twenties again! All this in just 12 weeks. I have loads more energy, I'm happier and have managed to find a great healthy balance in my life. I still tour the country as a DJ on weekends, but am a now working in the fitness industry during the week.

    Harbourside Fitness has made me develop my passion for fitness and has inspired me to achieve my qualifications in personal training. My life has been completely transformed for the better thanks to Harbourside Fitness in ways I never dreamed. Now I use my fitness journey and the knowledge of how far I've come to help others realise their goals and what they can achieve. 

    Ben Morris

  • Alanah Fox

    Sunday, July 29, 2012

    Having been involved with dance for many years, I didn’t like gyms. However I wasn't improving, so I started PT sessions at Harbourside. What a great decision! I had a number of weakness and in-balances that we are working on and my dancing is getting better and better. I am also getting fitter and slimmer!! Alanah Fox


  • Jackie Sanchez

    Tuesday, July 03, 2012

    Training with Dave has transformed me. His method makes me want to work hard for both myself and him– it’s layered and tailored for me. His knowledge of nutrition is incredible, and his approach to nutrition is something I use in my day to day life. As a result I have regained respect for my body and now take better care of it. I look forward to heading to the studio for a session with Dave, the studio is full of natural light, fresh air and always clean. Harbourside Fitness Studio is an exceptional place to train.

    Jackie Sanchez

  • Amanda Burton

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    6 months ago - I was looking around for a new gym and had a trial at Hourbourside Fitness and have never looked back! Its a great place to work out and the trainers there are friendly and supportive. In my one on one sessions they always push me to reach my goals and keep me motivated. Which is keeping me in great shape throughout the winter months. I certainly wont need to be shopping around for a new gym again anytime soon

    Amanda Burton


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