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Your get fit checklist - Part 2

The form 

The 'good' form. No you don't have to fill in any 'forms'. I'm talking about how you maneuver your body throughout the movements of the exercises that you perform. You'll need a mirror or a training partner near by to get this right. Even if you're a pro. Because you will have 'off' days. Those are the days when an injury can occur. So always keep your form in mind. Don't be a 'know it all'.

Keep it quick

Regardless of how much you like the temporary 'pump', you're just going to have to cut that love short. Because the game of intensity is also a game of destroying muscle. Keep that in mind, because too many unnecessary long workouts will impact your results in a negative way. Short, fast, then re-feed.

Get bendy

Stretch, but leave the stretching until after you have finished your workout.

Drink water

Just drink more water your body needs it.

Go free

Machines are cool. But they're restrictive. They also prevent your stabilizer muscles from being worked too. It's all about the bang for the buck in this game. so go free weight.


There is a lot of food talk over on Fit Buzz. And a lot of talk about variety too. This is so that you don't have to rely on supplements. However, you won't want to rule them out completely, because they really can be great when combined with your main meals in the right way.

The lower movement = magic

Meaning, the lowering of the weight in any one movement is where the tearing of muscle occurs. So concentrate on that.

Track everything and use progress pictures.

There are many more things I could cover here. But  these are most of the core important things that you should have on your mind at any given time. Turn them into habits. That way, you won't have to think about them. They'll become natural to you.


The foods you eat play a huge role on your quest to get strong, lean and sexy. The more natural you go, the better off you will be.

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