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You Are What You Eat

Recently on the ABC there was a 2 part series called “Gut Reaction”. In these episodes they discuss the effects of the foods we eat on our body’s and not just our physical health body but also our mental health. 

The realisation that poor food and drink choices and nutrition deficiencies are causing obesity, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, depression, autism, schizophrenia, OCD and ADHD/ADD has been know for a while but it is only the last few years that we have been able to really understand the connection between the gut and the brain, some health practitioners have been doing there best to spread the word but now the ABC is getting the message to the public. 

This week I encourage all of you to watch the 2 episodes, it will give you a clear understand of the importance of healthy food and how even one poor meal can results in a lot of damage.

The beginning of the first episode is a little graphic but stick with it.

Episode 1 - Gut reaction part 1 -

Episode 2 - Gut reaction part 2 -

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Hope you enjoy

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