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Weekly tip to get you ready for summer - Time to step it up

It is easy to fall into a rut with your training, the most common one is not pushing yourself and getting the most out of your workout. This can be in a few different way, either grabbing the same weights each time, not push for those few extra repetitions, stopping early or running at that comfortable pace. Yes you work up a sweet and feel worked after the session but do you feel as exhausted as your first few session? Didn’t think so.  

It might be 6am and your still sleepy or 7pm and your winding down, but this is the best chance in your day to make an effort towards getting the body you want. Your body needs to be challenged to help create change. Your body adapts quickly to exercise and if it’s not always being challenged you will fall into a plateau and then nothing will change.  

So how are you going to fix this? 

At your next session your going to pick one of the following and step up your workout.

1) Grab the next heaviest weight, even if you need to stop and rest more during the workout, that’s ok, your muscle are working hard and your getting more out of your workout. Next time it will be a little easier.

2) Knock out a few more repetitions before you stop. When your racing against the clock step it up and get out as many repetition as you can, even if it leave you gasping for breath and laying on the floor, that’s a good thing, your pushing your self to your limit and then creating new limits. Each time you will be able to knock out a 1 or 2 more. 

3) Over take that person who is always ahead of you in your runs. You know who that person is, your always watching their back thinking about overtaking them but instead you just focus on not letting them get to far ahead. Forget that idea and leave them trying to keep up with you. 

Pick one of these and focus on it for the whole week. Then the next week step it up and add another on top and watch your fitness improve as you become stronger and more confident in your workouts. Then two weeks later add the third and then keep this new focus and drive going.


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