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Weekly tip to get you ready for summer - Pre-workout nutrition

Your pre-workout snack or meal can have a huge impact on your workout and how you will feel for the rest of the day. It is important to give your body the best possible fuel as this will keep your body alert and ready for the stress you are about to put it through. It will also give your body the best energy supply  for getting you through the entire workout and keep you awake and energised after the session.

Avocado and Tuna SaladAim to eat your meal 60 minutes before, or a snack 30 minutes before you intend to train. This will give your body enough time to digest the food. Try to eat real food over protein shakes, as real food is more nourishing. If you have plenty of time before training eat your meal 90-60 minutes beforehand, if you only have 30 minutes before just make the same meal but a smaller portion.

The best pre-workout meal is high in protein, medium in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. The protein will help with optimal brain and physical function and the fats will be your slow burning energy source that will keep insulin levels low. This will give your body the energy it needs to make it through a tough training session without giving it anything to burn instead of body fat. If you are running low on energy black coffee or green tea will help pump you up and also elevate your metabolism.

So, what should you eat?

Meat with raw nuts or low GI (glycemic) fruits or vegetables is your best option to get your mind and body into your work without giving your body anything to hold onto or store, these foods get you straight into fat burning.


Eggs and Avocado

  • If you train early in the morning and normally don’t eat before your workout, aim to start small and prepare it the night before. This way it’s a quick few bites and you're on your way.
  • Cook a little extra meat for dinner the night before and this can be a part of your pre-workout snack/meal. Lean beef, salmon, tuna, chicken or turkey all work great. Add in a handful of raw mixed nuts and you're ready.
  • If you're allergic to nuts, leafy greens or berries are a good alternative.
  • Having a black coffee or green tea with your pre-workout snack/meal can boost fat burning during your training session by 15%.
  • Taking fish oil with your pre workout meal will also improve your energy during the workout and control insulin sensitivity.Chicken Salad

Now you have the perfect pre-workout meal to help you power through your workout and get yourself into the body you want.

Next week we will look at what is best to eat after training.


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