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Weekly tip to get you ready for summer - Post workout nutrition

Last week we showed you the best foods to have before training to make sure you give your body the fuel it needs to keep you focused, energised and driven throughout the duration of your session. Now it is time to look at nutrition after training. A hard training session creates microscopic tears in your muscle fibres and sucks your body of nutrients.

What should you be eating after training in order for you to get the most out of your workout while not canceling out all the hard work you have just put in? 

What foods should you be having to help restore and build lean muscle and keep the fat burning going?

To get the most out of your workout, your post workout meal needs to contain protein to help rebuild the muscle fibres. Your body requires vegetables and good fats to replace the essential nutrients lost. You want to aim to eat 30-60 minutes after training to give your body the best chance to repair, replenish, recover and adapt.

First things first, drink lots of water.

You have just been training hard and sweating sufficiently, so replace your lost fluids.

Second is protein.

Protein helps repair and rebuild the damage done from exercise. Lean meats are high in protein with little bad fats attached, so the best choices are chicken breast or tuna.

Thirdly, we need to replace the essential nutrients lost.

This can be done by adding in some vegetables, which are full of essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function, these carbohydrates will be used to move protein into your muscles and not stored as body fat. 

An ideal post workout meal would be high in protein 30 grams (meat), moderate in complex carbohydrates 20 grams (fruit and veg) and moderate in good quality fats 20 grams (nuts/extra virgin oil).

A quick and easy way to give your body the replenishment it needs is a good quality organic whey protein shake. These are easily digested by the body and are handy for people heading straight off to work. 


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