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Weekly tip to get you ready for summer - Make the right food choices at parties and social gatherings

We have all been out at a party, wedding, BBQ, social lunch or dinner where we find ourselves thinking, ‘I shouldn’t be eating any of this’. Well, here are a bunch of tips to help you through and to keep you in the black.

You have been eating clean all week and training hard. Let’s not go and blow it all!

10 tips to help you through the silly season:

1.Eat before you go. Having a healthy meal before you head out is by far the best thing you can do, as it will keep you full well into the night.

2.Go for the safer options. These days there are normally more healthy food options, so be smart and snack on what you know is good. You can eat as many veggies as you want without consuming many calories.

3.Don’t be afraid to pull apart little samples of finger foods. A lot of the crackers and mini sandwiches that get passed around are topped with salmon, chicken or beef. Take the meat and dump the rest. The protein will keep you full, where as the bread will raise your blood sugar levels, which will increase your cravings for sweet things later in the evening.

4.Place limits on yourself. If you’re going to eat and drink, give yourself a limit and stick to it. One plate, one trip, no tower. This way if you decide to eat you have one trip to the buffet, with one plate, and without overloading on that serving.

5.Have a salad before the main course and eat the meat first, this will fill you up and may leave you not wanting the rest.

6.Avoid alcohol. It’s just empty calories. If you are going to drink, choose one of our safer options from our newsletter 2 weeks ago. Vodka lime and soda, white wine spritz, or take your spirits on the rocks.

7.Bring your own snacks. If it’s a social gathering, cook something healthy and bring it with you. Alternatively, bring a bag of raw nuts to nibble on instead of the roasted and salted ones that may be on offer.

8.If it leaves an oil mark, leave it on the table.

9.Steer clear of traditional appetizers like cheese, crackers, and sweet treats. Look for the fresh and natural foods; meat skewers, veggies, fruits, deli meat slices, shrimp cocktails.

10.   Avoid dipping sauces and dressings, as they are usually high in bad fats. It is easy to slip into conversation with a friend, and the next thing you know you have powered through half of the dip.

Following these tips will have you feeling a lot better the next day.

Remember, a minute on the lips a month on the hips.


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