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Weekly tip to get you ready for summer - Get active!!!

With summer coming and great weather already upon us, it’s time to make the most of these long hot days!

Can you sacrifice a few hours a week to improve your health and quality of life and get fitter, faster, stronger and leaner?

Key points:

What should your training entail?

Lift heavy things - Resistance training is the cornerstone of fitness. Stronger people are able to enjoy life more fully, have a better self image, are less likely to get work related injuries and are more independent into their later years.

Go all out - Get the most bang for your buck, with either sprinting, boxing or a short fast pace workout. Pushing yourself to your limits is highly effective in burning body fat, building lean muscle and releasing growth hormones. Plus, it is a great way to relieve stress, and you will always sleep well when you have worked your self hard.

Long and slow - Walking, hiking, cycling or swimming are not only great ways to burn calories but they are also necessary to help you maintain the ability to move freely. We live in a beautiful part on the world so get off the treadmill or stationary bike and get outdoors and enjoy. Walks around Cremorne Point, Balmoral heads or any of the amazing beach around is a great way to get away from it all and clear your head and enjoy the outdoors.

What are your options?

Morning person

Join our 6am bootcamp and kick start your day in the butt with an energising workout followed by a healthy breakfast. Too much? Too early? Try getting up just 30 minutes earlier and get out for walk or run, guaranteed you will feel better throughout the day plus if you do this on an empty stomach you will be torching your body fat as soon as you step out that door. 

Lunch break

The perfect time to step away for your work, clear your mind and loosen up your body that has been stuck in a chair for the last 5 hours. Studies have shown a huge increase in workers productivity and staff moral by simply taking a proper lunch break and getting out for a 20 minute walk or getting out and letting off a little steam with a workout. 

In the city? Come along to our 45 minute lunch time sessions in the Domain, and get the most out of your lunch break. Eat your lunch just before you head back into the office so you are exercising on an empty stomach.

After work

Leave your work at work and take 60 minutes for yourself. We have the perfect end to a day of meetings and computer work. Take your stress out on your workout and not on your family. Test out our evening bootcamps and blow off some steam. A great way to clear your mind, burn body fat, build lean muscle and get yourself in shape. Sleep will come easy and you will wake up focused for a new day.

Aim to be active for 5-6 hours a week and you will be on your way to getting a great shape.


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