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Weekly tip to get you ready for summer - Eat more meat - Lose Weight!

It is easy to kick start your summer body without making too much of a change. In fact, it is as easy as adding a little meat in your day.

Why eat more meat?

Protein is a hunger suppressor. Increase your daily protein consumption and you are going to feel fuller for longer. The best part about additional protein is that whatever your body doesn’t need, it will get rid of and not store. 

Which foods do I need more of?

Lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs and nuts.

Top 6 Sources of Protein

  1. Eggs = 5.5g per medium egg
  2. Chicken = 21.8g per 100g
  3. Beef = 26.1g pre 100g
  4. Salmon = 20g per 100g
  5. Tuna = 24.4g per 100g
  6. Almonds = 23.4g per 100g 

Why not more bread?

When you eat simple carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta your body turns that food into potential energy; fuel that will be used to get you through your day. Your body is smart so when you eat more fuel then your body is burning it stores that potential energy for later use, introducing body fat. So a simple way to lose weight would be to eat less, right? But when you eat less you get hungry and there is nothing worse then trying to make it through the day with your stomach rumbling. So this attempt leaves you thinking that weight loss is too hard and uncomfortable.

There is a better way! Replace those pieces of bread, bowls of rice and pasta with more lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs and nuts. 

A good guide to go off is to have 1.5 - 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day. An 80kg person would be looking to eat 120 -160 grams of protein per day, that’s about 600-800 grams of chicken breast. Spreading that out over 3 meals and 1 to 2 snacks and you will not be craving that little bit extra to fill you up or get you past that crash 2 hours after eating.

Need some recipe ideas? Click on recipe of the week for some great tasting and filling meals.

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