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Weekly tip to get you ready for summer - control your daily crash!

You might have the three main meals of the day under control but what about when that mid morning or afternoon crash come around?

You start craving a pick me up and the first thing you go for is a coffee and a chocolate bar. It’s that small slip up that can make all the difference.

When you eat foods high in sugar you get an immediate feeling of satisfaction as your blood sugar goes through the roof but the feeling doesn’t stay for long and your body will instantly start producing insulin to bring your blood sugar back down to normal. This quick response will often make your blood sugar levels drop too low and to raise them back up to normal your body will crave another sugary hit; the next thing you know you have eaten three chocolate bars and are thinking about getting another coffee. 

9-11am or 3-5pm are hard times to keep you nutrition in check!

Prepare for these times and bring your snacks from home.

The best snacks to fill you up and give you a boost that will get you through to your next meal is a handful of mixed raw nuts, excluding peanuts.

Easy Grab and Go Snack Ideas:

Carrots dipped in Guacamole

Jerky – yummy!

Turkey Slices and Guacamole

Apple slices and Almond Butter

Paleo Friendly Trail Mix or Grain-Free Granola Bars

Mixed Berries with toasted coconut flakes

*Anything left over from the meals from the prior day are great snacks too*

Now you have the snacks under control, if you need further help with some healthy meal ideas, come see one of our nutritionists.


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