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Top Reasons why People Don’t Lose weight

1. Not being patient.

In todays society we are all looking for instant gratification, we all want a quick fix but with sustainable fat loss it takes time and there can be days and weeks with no change, the body is a complex organism, the main thing is to stay focused. Consistency is the key.

2. Not drinking enough water.

Most people are walking around constantly dehydrated, this slows fat loss and the feeling of thirst is commonly mistaken for hunger. Aim for 39ml per kg of bodyweight. 80kg person x 39ml = 3.1L per day.

3. Not listening to how food makes you feel.

You should feel good after each meal, if a food makes you feel ill, bloated, gassy or drossy, don’t eat it. A low carb diet will make you feel tired for the first week or so as your body moves away from being a sugar burner and turns into a fat burner “fat adapted”.

4. Assuming a food that’s called “healthy” can be eaten to abandon.

Overeating on healthy foods is easy to do, even though these foods are good for us we still need to control our intake.

5. Avoiding foods you don’t “like”.

Yes there are exceptions here but when it comes to vegetables or plain water there is no excuse, use oils, herbs and spices on food and lemon or lime in water, it is time to retrain your taste buds.

6. Using medications, quick fixes or pills to solve gaping holes in your diet or lack of exercise.

We see new pills, shakes and medications coming through every few months making massive promises for weight loss and none of them stick around, the only ones that do all factor in exercises and a healthy meal plan, as these are the two factors that will make all the difference. Don’t fall prey to them.

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