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Tip of the week - Suffering from fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is a serious threat effecting a high percentage of the population. High pressure jobs, tight finances, and organising a family are all causes of constant stress. There is only so long the body can burn the candle at both ends before there is nothing left.

Cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland and it’s levels have a major effect on how the body acts and feels. Cortisol is a lower grade stress hormone than adrenaline and it is produced in the body to be used as an energy source. We should have higher levels in the mornings to give us energy for our day and lower levels at night so we can wind down and get a good nights sleep and let the body repair itself. But dealing with our stressful lives causes these levels to remain constantly high and if cortisol is produced and used by the body for too long it causes a lot of health problems. 

Adrenal fatigue symptoms:

  • Having no energy in the morning, having trouble waking up and getting out of bed or taking a long time to wake up. 
  • Having energy in the late afternoon and night, trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.
  • Inability to handle stress.
  • Poor short term memory.
  • No gains or improvement in your training.
  • Lack of sex drive in the morning.
  • Asthma, bronchitis, chronic couch, indigestion and allergies can all worse with stress. 

How to fight adrenal fatigue:

  • Follow a paleo diet
  • Drink more water, 37ml per kilo of body weight.
  • Eat more greens, increase your fibre intake.
  • Alkalize your body, increase your PH levels by eating more leafy greens and adding lemon or lime to a glass of water once a day. 
  • Cut out refined sugars.
  • Take a probiotic with your meals, they help remove cortisol, restore gut health and reduce abdominal fat. Supplement with HCL
  • Go back to taking a good quality vitamin C twice daily.
  • Vitamin B complex, B5 mainly helps you deal with stress, B12 helps with depression.
  • Take time for yourself, at least 1 hour a day to unwind with you time. 20 minutes of meditation is equal to 2 hours of sleep. Learn to switch off your mind.


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