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Tip of the week - Post workout nutrition to help lose weight

After you finish a hard training session your body is screaming to be replenished. Your muscles need nutrients to start repairing the muscle stress you have caused so that  they can re-build themselves to be stronger for your next training session. 

When you train you breakdown muscle protein and you need to replace it. You use up muscle glycogen stores and you need to replace them, and you also perspire so you need to hydrated.

You have a 1 hour window after training for the body to use starchy carbohydrates and take them straight to the muscle for energy and not to your fat cells. In this time frame you want to have an easily digestible protein source, a hi GI carbohydrate and plenty of water. Best option is a banana and a WHEY protein shake mixed with water. 

The WHEY protein shake is quickly absorbed by the body whereas meat, eggs or nuts take time to digest.

The carbohydrates go straight to the muscle to replace muscle glycogen stores instead of to your fat cells.

The water replaces all the perspiration and has a major role in having a healthy metabolic function.


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