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Tip of the week: Cut back on sugar

It is not easy to TOTALLY eliminate sugar from our diet. We have a sweet tooth for a good reason and it is not just to make healthy eating and looking good hard. 

We were just not designed to eat the refined, toxic processed kind. 

Our bodies don’t naturally produce vitamin C so we need to source it from the appropriate foods. It is most abundant in fruits. Nature gave us taste buds, making these relatively sweet tasting foods desirable.

Given that there is added sugar in almost everything you buy commercially. From French Fries to Yoghurt. You may not be able to totally eliminate sugar from your diet. But if you can really put in that little bit of effort, your body and your brain will thank you for it!

You will be giving your health and well-being a tremendous boost!

10 Tips to help free you from the sugar dragon


1.  Do not add extra sugar to foods. This is the easiest and most basic way to immediately reduce your sugar intake. The main culprits are cereals, coffee and tea.

2.  Don’t be fooled by “Healthy Sugar”.

Brown, Turbinado, Cane, Raw sugar,and Agave nectar is all pretty much the same thing. It all turns into the same substance once it enters our body.

3.  Eliminate processed carbohydrates.  

And watch your body fat decrease.

Your energy levels will go up.

You will sleep better and feel a whole lot better over-all.

Processed carbohydrates like breads, rice, pasta, muffins, bagels, crackers and snacks are loaded with grains and flour containing wheat, gluten and other ingredients that convert to sugar in the body almost as fast as pure glucose. 

The sugar gets stored as triglycerides, which is the fancy word for FAT.

4.  Watch out for “Fat-Free” snacks. 

This is one of the biggest food myths out there. The package says it is fat-free, Guilt free or free-from-fat.

It all means the same thing.

That  does not mean it is calorie-free. 

Most fat-free snacks are loaded with sugar to make them taste nice.

5.   Shop for color and stay out of the isles.

The more your grocery basket looks like a cornucopia of color, the better!

Shop for more fresh vegetables and low-glycemic (Low GI) fruits such as berries and cherries. 

If it has a use-by-date of more then 3 months away then throw it away.

6.   Start reading labels. 

To cut something out you need to know how to find it first. They even add sugar to dried fruit. 

It only takes a few seconds to read the back of a packet. Or better yet - No packet at all!

7.  No artificial sweeteners.

They can increase your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates making you hungrier again early after you have eaten. 

They can also deplete the body’s stores of chromium. A nutrient crucial for blood-sugar metabolism.

8.  Do the math. 

Where it says “Total Sugars” on the label, divide this number of grams by four. That is the number of teaspoons of sugar you will be consuming.

Would you regularly eat teaspoons of sugar?

This exercise alone should make you leave it on the shelf.

9.  Limit fruit. 

This does not mean to totally cut out fruit from your diet as it provides us with essential fibre and nutrients.

But they do contain large amounts of sugar. So just don’t overdo it!

For weight-loss purposes, keep it to one or two servings a day and try to make the most of the low-glycemic type like grapefruit, apples and berries.

10.  Eliminate fruit juice. 

It is a pure sugar hit with none of the fibre and less of the nutrients that are found in the fruit itself. 

Go for eating the real thing. 


Giving up or cutting back on sugar is not an easy task. As I said earlier, it is in most foods nowadays. It does take time to get used to it but eventually it will improve your lifestyle and become a normal way of life.

You cannot kill the sugar dragon overnight, you have to starve him. 

If you make the effort the rewards are tremendous. 

Eliminating or even reducing sugar can benefit your health in more ways than you can imagine.


To healthy living



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