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The results are in!

HSF 6 Week Challenge

The results are in! Firstly I would like to say a big congratulations to everyone who took part in the HSF 6 Week Challenge and made it through to the end. We have seen some great changes in peoples physical ability and appearance. It’s great to see big changes in such a short amount of time.

We have had some incredible results in the 6 week period with one person losing 13.7kg of body fat and another losing 11.1kg. There were also huge improvements by everyone on the plank test with one person adding 3 minutes onto their time and another improving it by 2 minutes 30 seconds. Across the board we have seen great improvements to the strength and speed of all participates.

I hope that everyone is feeling and seeing the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating and will continue with their new found nutrition and exercise habits.

Here are the results of the 6 Week Change!

With the biggest improvement over all body and fitness assessments.

In 1st place: Dave Jobson winning $1,500.00

In 2nd place: Mihaela Nedelon Winning $500.00

Congratulations to Dave and Mihaela and everyone who participated, it was very close between the top 6.

Looking forward to the next challenge.


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