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The effects sugar has on your health

This might sound simple enough, but sugar is in more foods then you would think and is one of the biggest contributing factors holding you back from getting your waist line down and letting you be fit and healthy.

Why is sugar so bad?

Sugar is very high in calories but does little to fill you up. Because of this, it is easy to over-eat sugary foods and it isn't hard to understand how this then leads to an increase in body fat.

Sugar replaces healthier, more nutrient dense food. We tend to go for the easy option of sweet and processed foods instead of other real foods with a higher nutrient content and less calories. If you had a handful of raw nuts and a piece of fruit as your snack instead of a sugar filled coffee and a calorie dense muffin, you would greatly improve your health.

Sugar also suppresses your immune system, a bottle of coke or chocolate bar can weaken your immune system for several hours and if you consistently have a steady intake of sugar throughout your day, then your immune system will always be at a low. Couldn’t figure out why you got so sick this winter?

Sugar also causes inflammation in your body, and this promotes aging and makes it easier for disease to take hold.

Sugar decreases your bodies natural production of the human growth hormone, HGH, which helps to increase energy and endurance, build lean muscle, increase bone density, lower blood pressure, improve libido, increase cardiac and cholesterol function, reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and improve mood and sleep patterns. 

Sugar increase your insulin levels, and this is the big one. An increase in sugar will cause your blood sugar levels to raise, and in turn your body will release insulin to move the sugar from your blood into your cells, which if not burned as energy will make you fatter. As the sugar in your blood decreases so does the release of insulin. If you eat a lot of sugar and are always calling for more insulin to be produced serious problems can arise. Over time it will take larger and larger amounts of insulin to move the sugar from your blood into your cells making your fatter and fatter, also causing your body to burn out and stop producing insulin and now you are a diabetic.


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