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Simple Healthy Breakfast - Nuts, Berries and Yogurt

For breakfast it is important to give your body the right fuel to kick start your day, it has been hours since your last meal and your body is starving for nutrients. High protein and high healthy fats will give you longer lasting energy and set up good neurotransmitter for the day.

What you will need:

1 cup of natural organic greek yogurt (full fat with nothing added) Try Julna

1 handful of raw nuts (your choice or mixed)

1/4 cup of blue berries

1 Scoop of vanilla Select WPC protein powder (organic with no additives or preservatives)

1 pinch of cinnamon 

Mix well 

It’s that simple to create a healthy breakfast that you can prepare in minutes. The full fat yogurt and nuts will give you longer lasting energy, the protein and nuts will supply your muscle with proteins to re build muscle tissue, the blue berries and cinnamon are an amazing source of antioxidants to repair damage done by free radicals. 


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