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Should we be consuming milk?

Studies have shown that drinking pasteurized milk can cause many problems from lactose intolerance throughout the body, allergies, asthma, gastro-intestinal problems, diabetes, ADD, consitpation, auto-immune disease and even ear infections.

We are the only species that drinks another animals milk. Milk is designed to be a growth factor to help develop babies grow when they can’t quite eat proper food. You don’t see fully grown cows or any other animal drinking milk once they are of age and we certainly don’t continue to drink breast milk for the duration of our lives, so why do we continue to drink any other animals milk? 

Calcium you say?

When you buy milk it has gone through the process of pasteurization where the milk is heated to around 70 degrees. Milk is pasteurized to kill harmful germs, while at the same time killing most of the vitamin and mineral content. At this stage, calcium can no longer be absorbed by the body and the enzymes are killed. This process also eliminates lactose which would have helped with the digestion. Pasteurization also turns the sugar of milk lactose into beta-lactose which is rapidly absorbed by the body, creating high blood sugar levels and in turn blood sugar crashes soon after intake. 

If you need to increase your calcium intake, eat more green vegetable.

Everything the body needs we can get from meats and vegetables, some nuts, seeds and fruits.


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