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Setting SMART goals

It’s that time of year again where we look to set ourselves some new goals, and we are all about helping you get the physic you want for 2014. As we are setting ourselves these goals there are a few rules to stick to to make sure these dreams turn into reality and are not just pushed back for 2015 New Years resolution.

The idea of these rules is to give yourself the best possible opportunity of reaching these goals, there is no point making goals when you know in the back of your might you might not be able to achieve it because before you have even started you have set yourself up to fail.

Here are the rules for a SMART goal.

Specific:Define exactly what your goal is. 

Your goal could be losing 5kg, being able to performing 15 proper push ups, doing 3 training sessions a week, eating clean for 3 months. Doing the 8 week challenge the whole way through.

Have a think about what you really want. If you just want it a little you won’t put in the effort need but if you really want it even need it then you can do it.

Measurable:It is great to track your progress. 

Not only will you be surprised by your improvement, but you will draw new motivation each time you see yourself getting closer and closer to your goal. Measuring your achievements will feel rewarding, and will help you to stay focused and on track. For weight loss, tracking your progress might be weekly weigh-ins and measurements, for strength you might aim to add 1 push up to your max each week or 2.5kg to your back squat.

Attainable:Don’t set yourself up for failure. 

Make reasonable and attainable goals that you can see yourself achieving. This will keep your motivation high as you will know the only thing stopping you is you!

Realistic:Is the amount of effort you are going to have to put into achieving your goal realistic? 

Are you going to be able to train often enough to become strong enough to improve your max push up? Are you going to be able to stop drinking regularly and cut out poor food choices to help you lose weight? Most importantly, are you ready to give yourself the best chance of getting what you really want?

Do you have the time? Anything is achievable and if you want it bad enough, you will make the time. If you wake up 1 hour earlier everyday for a year you will have a whole extra month. Imagine the change you can make in that time.

Timed:Set a time frame to achieve your goals. 

By working against the clock, you will have a sense of urgency that will push you to keep on track. This is the most important factor, if you set the date too far ahead you will think you have all the time in the world and the next thing you know you will be way behind. Too close and you will be rushed and be disappointed that you didn’t achieve your goals. Give yourself a realistic time frame that you know you can work to.

Reaching you goals is all about consistency 

  • If you want to loss weight you need to consistency eat clean healthy food and exercises, 3 weeks minimum before you think about 1 cheat meal, and even that needs to be controlled. 
  • If you want to get faster or stronger you need to consistency push your body harder and harder. You will never improve if you don’t struggle.


Our 8 week challenge is a perfect kick start to the New Year 

  • All meals are written out for you. 
  • All bootcamp sessions are open to you. 
  • We even have home workout for days you can’t make the bootcamp times available.
Email us to find out more about the 8 week challenge


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