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Not losing weight Part 3

Are you one of those people who are eating a clean diet, exercising regularly and still not losing weight? Well here is the second of the two issues I see most commonly slowing peoples results.

Not being consistent with eating a clean diet

From a lifetime of eating a diet high in carbohydrate, trans fat, salt and generous servings of alcohol most of us have lived a little to much of the good life and find it hard to go strict for more then a week or two, but three to four weeks is exactly what it takes to make serious changes.

To help burn body fat as fuel we need to take away foods that will prevent this from happening, which are carbohydrates, trans fats, sugar and alcohol. These foods should be very limited in our diet and not brought back in until we reach our goal and then only in moderation. 

Carbohydrates can normally be consumed with a well factored in refeed meal (1 meal every 21 days or so depending on your current body fat and compliancy to your nutrition plan) where you have a high carbohydrate meal from a healthy source, sweet potato or rice. 

For most people the foods that cause us to increase body fat are starchy carbohydrates, trans fats, alcohol and sugars. So we need to take away the stimulus (food that is make us fat) and keep those foods out of the diet for a period of time until we can consume those foods without it causing a negative effect (weight gain).   


Foods that we need to be wary of:


Trans fat - These are the synthetic fats that are made by man when vegetable oils are partially hydrogenate. Mainly found in packaged foods and fried foods. These are not healthy fats and can cause weight gain and serious health problems.

Sugar - Avoid all sugars, there is nothing good about sugar except the taste. Sugar includes most products that are produced from sugar cane, sugar beets, honey, fruit, agave, maple syrup, corn and fructose. Raw sugar, white and brown sugar and molasses are all made up of sugar molecules that are called sucrose (half glucose half fructose). Try stevia instead.

Salts - Salt should only be consumed if it has a color to it, pink, beige or grey. Table salt is normally just sodium chloride with just one or two other minerals, colored salt has up to 84 mineral elements that are essential to good health and fights off heart disease.

Alcohol - Alcohol effects metabolism because alcohol is a poison and it can not be turned into fat, so all fat burning processes go on hold until the alcohol is burnt up and pushed out through the liver, yes the added carbs in alcohol will be store as fat while the body burns through the alcohol. Alcohol also raises cortisol (fat storing hormone around the mid section) and depletes testosterone which is bad news for both men and women, plus the strain it puts on your liver is not doing it any favors. 

Treating yourself with pasta dishes, breads, sweets and pastries or having a few drinks once or a couple of times a week will slow down your progress, weight loss is about consistency, you need to be strict on yourself for 3 weeks before you can then possibly treat yourself and after that one treat it is back to being strict.


To Healthy Living

Daniel Christie


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