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Impact of Stress

The effect stress has on our hormones is huge, we see it manifest into many health issues that we shouldn’t be suffer with like difficulty sleeping, increased anxiety, decreased libido, erection difficulties, dryness and hot flashes for women.

Why does stress cause these problems?

Lets take a growing health issue Hypothyroidism as an example, this is a condition where the thyroid gland isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones and the effects can be weight gain, tiredness, low energy and depression to name a few.

When the body is stressed, lets say from loosing your job and a poor diet causing deficiencies in a few major vitamins. This stress forces your system to work twice as hard to maintain homeostasis, to help out the body produces cortisol, a lower grade of adrenaline, cortisol is produced in a time of stress to help the body have enough energy to deal with the situation, cortisol is only meant for short term use while we fix the causing issue, find a new job and improve diet. 

When we are constantly stressed our body is forced to keep producing cortisol, the building blocks the body needs to build cortisol are some of the same it needs for producing thyroid stimulating hormone to make the thyroid function properly.

When the body is stressed cortisol is number one on the production list so it steals the building blocks it needs from anywhere it can to produce cortisol, in turn not enough is left for thyroid hormones and then we have low thyroid function and if stress is left uncheck we will fall into hypothyroidism.

So, increased stress is not just about stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (Fight or Flight), an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Increased stress impacts hormonal health through biosynthetic pathways.

Only way to fix the issue is to reduce your stress, try

  • Eating a healthy diet of lean protein, healthy fats and lots of vegetables and some fruits, greens drink once or twice a day
  • Drinking 2-3L of pure water per day
  • Stretching for 5 minutes before bed
  • Weight training 2 - 3 times per week
  • Breath deeply for 4 minutes after a stressful situation (4 seconds in through the nose, 4 second hold, 4 seconds out through the mouth)

We deal with a lot of health issues today that are brought upon by to much stress, physical, emotional, environmental, internal, external. Control the stress and take control of your health.


To Healthy Living

Daniel Christie


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