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Exercise Tip - The Squat

The squat is a natural, vital and essential movement for your well-being. Squatting can keep your hips, back and knees strong and functioning well into your later years. Other benefits include flexibility, balance, neuromuscular coordination and total body strength.

When the squat is performed correctly, virtually every muscle in the body is moving in a coordinated effort. When this happens the body will naturally produce more testosterone, insulin-like growth hormone, and human growth hormone (HGH). Bone density increases and muscles and connective tissue get stronger.  

Our bodies haven’t adapted to our sedentary life, that’s why it is imperative that we use exercises that most closely resemble our most basic genetic programming. 

 Tips to improve your squat

- Weight on Heels
- Maintain lumbar curve with your chest up
- Bottom moves back and then down keeping chest up and looking forward
- Knee’s travel inline with feet