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Exercise Tip - The Plank

A basic yet challenging exercise, working all areas of your core. This exercise and its variations will strengthen your abs, back and hips giving you great core stability and strength. The main reason is to save your back from injury, especially your lower back. It's the deep core muscles that do most of the stabilising. But the plank is great because it works the deep core muscles, as well as the larger core muscles that surround them.


- Come down onto your forearms and knees or toes.
- Aim for a straight line from your neck and ankles.
- Hold for 10 seconds and relax for 10, 4 times. Aim for 60 seconds holds.

Progress by holding 1 arm or/and leg off the ground.
Keep your body weight balanced and focus on working your core muscles (abs, back and hips), rather than your legs and arms. Keep breathing throughout. Take steady breaths.