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Bringing Sexy Back – Training to improve your posture and looking sexy in a backless dress

Training Tip – Posture, Posture, Posture!

It’s all about having a strong back, tight bum and sexy legs. Get this right and everything will look lifted, tight and toned.

Ladies – it’s time to bring sexy back. You have to build some muscle before you can tone it! You have to do a variety of back exercises with various rep ranges to get results, doing the same pump class day in day out won’t get you results.

You need to focus on BUILDING MUSCLE – not just fat loss. No body wants to see ribs sticking out and naked spines. Shapes and curves are SEXY. Strong is the new skiny so lets get lifting – and eating!

Here are my Top 5 Rear Chain or Posture Exercises:

1) Deadlifts
2) Chin ups or Lat Pull Downs
3) DB/Cable Rows
4) Glute Bridges
5) Face Pulls

I usually pair my back exercises “pull” with a “push” exercise. That way you can do more work in a less time. However, I do not pair the Deadlift with any other exercises unless it’s part of circuit and under low load.

We are talking STRENGTH TRAINING and METABOLIC CONDITIONING here ladies so go heavy and push yourself! If your not sweating it’s too light!

Here is a Back and Shoulders/Chest workout to build strength and muscle.

A1) Seated DB Shoulder Press 4 sets 8 – 12 reps 3010 tempo 60 sec rest

A2) Chin Ups or Pronated Lat Pull Downs 4 sets 8 -12 reps 3010 tempo 60 sec rest.

B1) Flat DB Chest Press 4 sets 10 reps 3010 tempo 60 sec rest

B2) Kneeling Single Arm DB Row or Seated cable row 4 sets 10 reps 3010 tempo 60 sec rest

C1) Standing cable Face Pull 3 sets 10 reps 30X0 tempo 60 sec rest

Now a Leg workout to build muscle and tone.

A1) BB Deadlift 5 sets 6 reps 4010 tempo 0 sec rest (Low Load 50% 1 Rep Max)

B2) BB Back Squats 5 sets 12 reps 30X0 tempo 0 sec rest

C3) BB or DB Lunge 5 Sets 24 reps 20X0 tempo 0 sec rest

D4) BB Glute Bridges 5 sets 48 reps 30X0 Tempo 2 mins rest

Do these workouts on alternative days. Ideal is Monday Upper body, Tuesday Lower Body, Wednesday Yoga or stretching (active rest) Thursday Upper Body and Friday Lower Body. Weekend more active rest.

These exercises all work your "core" so forget about time wasting sit up. If you feel weak in you mid section try so Plank holds. 1 min hold 30 sec rest repeat 5 times. Increase hold time with experience.

A1) Shoulder Press A2) Chin Up 

B1)Flat Press B2) 1 Arm Row 

C1) Cable Face Pull 


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