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Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Most people are under the impression that salt is bad for you and that high salt diets are a leading cause of heart disease, these people are not wrong they just don’t know the full story, just like with fats there are healthy salts and bad salts. 

Table salt and cooking salt is commonly used in all process foods, recipes and drinks. Natural salt is abundant in nutrients but table salt supplies our bodies with none of the nutrients it needs and it actually contains 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% is other chemicals that are bound to make it more moisture absorbent and more pourable. Table salt is also heated to 1,200 degrees fahrenheit which destroys practically all of the health promoting elements. This turns todays table salt into a poison that is causing many serious health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease, this is the  salt that is used in all processed foods as a preservative and flavor enhancer. This is the salt that is used in meals for cooking at home, on the table a restaurants and added into so many food we eat. 

Himalayan Crystal Salt on the other hand has amazing health benefits that are not found in your standard table salt. Salt is an essential nutrient for our bodies to function optimally, stay healthy and decrease your risk of disease. If you want to receive all the health benefits that salt is meant to bring you try using a natural salt like Himalayan salt, this salt has all the nutrients and health benefits still intact and has not been heated, bleached, or had chemicals add to make it more user friendly. Himalayan salt contains no toxins and has all it’s natural 84 minerals and elements intact to help your create optimal health.  

Here is a long list of the benefits of Himalayan salt

- Balances the acidity of your cells, particularly brain cells, this makes you cells healthier and healthy cells can function at a higher rate
- Salts is natures electrolytes, forget Gatorade or powerade, add a pinch of himalayan salt to your water to rehydrate faster.
- Helps cells absorb water, without salt / electrolytes in your water cells can’t fully absorb the water, this is why people who start drinking more water need to go to the bathroom a lot.
- Balances blood sugar levels
- A natural hypnotic to help you sleep
- Reduces cravings
- Improves stomach acidity and absorption of nutrients from food
- Regulates blood pressure and irregular heartbeats
- Creates a positive energy balance within the body
- Helps maintain libido as you age
- Has antihistamine properties to clear congestion in your sinuses
- Improves blood flow and helps prevent spider and varicose veins
- Creates strong bones by stopping your body taking salt and calcium from your body leading to osteoporosis
- Clears phlegm from your lunges, great for people with asthma and cystic fibrosis
- Slows rate of aging
- Helps reduce the risk of muscle cramps 

If you are under the impression that salt is bad for you and that it is a quick way to an early death then think again. Natural Himalayan salt can create incredible improvements to your health by decreasing your waist line and your rick of disease.

When using himalayan salt remember to use pinches of salt not teaspoons as metal will absorb it’s positive charge that makes natural salt so special.


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  • Mike John - Monday, February 24, 2014

    Nice submit, and good comparision between the Table salt and Himalayan Salt, the benefits of Pink Himalayan salt is awesomem, Health is wealth :)

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