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7 Steps to Ripped Abs

Ever wanted RIPPED ABS all year around?

Let me tell you a the secret that with a little dedication will get you that ripped six pack you've always wanted.

Here are 7 easy steps to getting and keeping that six pack everyone wants.

  1. Set up a plan - Like I’ve stated before, establishing a routine that fits your lifestyle is critical. It’s crucial not to be too rigid in your pursuits because life is unpredictable; being flexible yet persistent is the key to long term success.
  2. Take food with you - Humans have evolved from a life of scarcity… the body is pre-disposed to hold on to every ounce of energy you feed it. Fat is stored as energy reserves when the body needs it in times of survival. When you starve yourself, the body is apt to hold on to the fat, while slowing your metabolism. Supplying your body with food on a consistent basis will get your metabolism firing, and allow you to use more fat as a source of energy. (It will also keep you from seeking out the nearest vending machines!)
  3. Drink more water - Make it a habit to drink a large glass of water immediately upon waking in the morning. This will kick start your metabolism and start the rehydration after a night of sleep. With proper hydration levels, it will be easier for the body to utilise fat for energy.
  4. Limit alcohol consumption - The dehydration effects, disruption of hormones, empty calories, etc, of excessive alcohol will have negative effects on your progress. Moderation is key though; a glass of wine with dinner won’t hinder your progress.
  5. Shop the perimeter - The produce, meats, dairy, and extremely perishable products are all found around the perimeter of the supermarket. You will naturally consume for satiating foods, and it will keep you away from the processed calorie-dense junk in the middle aisles. Doing this one action consistently can have a dramatic effect on your physique.
  6. Make it easy - Don’t be afraid to eat out sometimes. Most restaurants have options that will keep you on track such as lean meats, or fish with steamed rice and veggies are a great choice. Also, a cheat every now and then can actually help you in the long run by further stimulating your metabolism and fat-burning hormones. Satisfy your craving, but always keep it within reason. Remember chicken breast can make you fat… if you eat too much of it!
  7. While it is true… making sure your diet is in line should be your number one priority to getting lean…and staying lean. It is worth mentioning that having the right personal approach to abdominal training can be very effective. Having a strong core is so crucial to maintaining correct form in the gym, which can lead to fewer injuries in the future when doing other exercises. The abdominals are just like any other muscle group, so working them will produce growth and create a more impressive look when you diet down. I work them two times a week, and once a week I add in supersets for about fifteen minutes of continuous effort.

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