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7 Reasons to start Weight Training

Weight training is for everyone, no other form of exercise can give you all the benefit that strength training has.

By lifting weights that challenge you, you will learn what you are physically capable of and create a sense of inner strength. You will learn to overcome failure and develop the willpower to get back up and try again. We all have those bad days in the gym but they end up being the ones that make the biggest difference.

#1: Weights can change your body

The best way to create the body you want is by having a controlled nutrition plan and exercising with weight training. Weight training will build lean muscle creating a toned and fit look, preforming only cardio will waste your muscles away.

#2: Lose weight by lifting weights

Weight training boosts your metabolic rate for longer after exercise than aerobic exercise; weight training can use more muscles during a workout and also builds lean muscle which will lead to burning more calories.

#3: Enhance your nervous system and gene pathways

Lifting weights trains your central nervous system so you have a faster reaction time, better muscle coordination and improved balance, overall your body will work more efficiently; this becomes more important as you get older with preventing falls.

#4: Improve heart function and decrease blood pressure

Weight training has been shown to reduce blood pressure better then most medication. This is done by improving the function of the heart by creating better blood flow and reducing inflammation. 

#5: Strength training prevents diabetes

Weight training and moderate interval training are the effective forms of exercise when it comes to weight loss and preventing diabetes. Strength training has a dramatic effect on blood sugar function and insulin health. Building lean muscle will improve your bodies receptivity to insulin and this will increases the muscles want for glucose which it will take from your bloodstream, reducing your blood sugar levels and in turn reducing the risk diabetes and weight gain. Weight training and a healthy eating plan will improve body composition and prevent diabetes.

#6: Improve hormones and reproductive function

Weight training not only increases testosterone in men but also improves the metabolism of estrogen in women. Elimination of estrogen means less cancer risk and lower body fat. Lifting weights also increases growth hormone and IGF-1, these both help in creating a lean figure. Lifting also improves the regulation of the hormones related to hunger and energy use.

#7: Building strong bones

To build strong bones weight training is by far your best choice. People who weight train have much stronger bones, improving bone density help reduce your risk of fracture. 50%  lower chance of fracture in men and 20% lower in women who weight train.


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  • Esther - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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