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6 Week Challenge Tips For Success


  1. Everyday aim to walk 12,000 steps (get a pedometer to keep track).
  2. Afternoon trainers: Every morning go for a 30 minute walk before breakfast.
  3. Morning trainers: Every afternoon go for a 30 minute walk before dinner.
  4. Drink 0.037 litres x body weight per day (0.037 x 60kg = 2.2 Litres a day). More on day you exercise
  5. Eat protein with every meal
  6. Vegetables and salads should equal half the size of your plate.
  7. Don’t fear fat, but use in moderation, a little oil for dressing.
  8. Take 1 to 2 HCL tablets in the middle of every meals to help with digestion .
  9. Take 1 Omega 3 with every meal.
  10. Take 1 to 2  Multi vitamins a day (breakfast and lunch).
  11. Prepare your food. Cook your breakfast with dinner the night before and have you lunch packed before you go to bed.
  12. No temptations in the house. Clear out cupboards of non paleo foods
  13. Exercise intensity 3-5 times a week
  14. Be active everyday.


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