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5 main reasons why we become fat Part 2 - Hormones and Mitochondria

Hormones and Mitochondria

There are two main factors that can make us either fat, tired and depressed or lean, energised and happy, these are our hormones and mitochondria. When you look at two people who both eat the same and do the same exercise and one is fat and the other lean the difference is there metabolism and what controls your metabolism? your hormones and mitochondria.

We have different types of hormones, some tell your body to burn fat and other to store fat and some tell you body to build muscle and others to break it down. So learning how to get hormones on your side is essential for losing weight and keeping it off. 

Where the body stores fat gives us an insight to where the hormonal issues are. there are four main body types.

Which type are you?

Cortisol - When the adrenal glands are constantly stress and forced to produce cortisol you will gain weight around the mid section and have skinny arms and legs in comparison. Increased cortisol levels signal the body to store fat, down regulate blood flow to organs and burn muscle glucose as energy instead of fat as it is quicker to convert.

Liver - Can cause a pot belly type look which will hint to liver toxicity and effect weight loss. When the liver is in trouble it slows down metabolism, if the body can not detoxify properly the body is at risk of toxic exposure and becoming sick. Since toxins are stored in the fat cells, the body will stop burning fat as to not become more toxic it’s self. Heal the liver to restart fat burning.

Estrogen - An excess of estrogen and you will see fat accumulate around the hips and thighs, males will develop man boobs. High estrogen slows the metabolism, a lot of the unnatural chemicals we are expose to are exoestrogens, chemicals that act like estrogens in the body. This increase of estrogen like chemicals coming in causes overload and if the liver is unable to eliminate them through detoxifying then they will  be stored in fat cells around with hips and thighs and for men also the chest.

Thyroid - when there is problems with the thyroid the appearance on weight gain is all over  because of the thyroids effect on metabolism. The thyroid is the main controller over metabolism, when there is an issue with the thyroid your metabolism comes to a grinding halt and as the poor food comes in that continues to aggravate the thyroid the body stops burning and starts storing the extra energy where ever it can, this is why it has an all over weight increase effect.

For us to create a healthy metabolism we must create healthy and stable hormones and mitochondrial function, we must understand that we have to start with healthy cells first. Cells are like our little workers, feed them healthy food, give them the right environment and they will do there job and keep you fit and healthy, feed them junk food, processed food, sugar and alcohol and you will have systems shutting down and metabolism grinding to a halt.


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