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5 main reasons why we become fat Part 3 - Stress

The are many different forms of stress and we need to be aware of how these stressors are effecting our bodies. Cortisol the main stress hormone is produced by the adrenal glandes and can have a negative effect on the body if levels are left high for too long. Cortisol will remain high in the blood if there are constant stressors in your life, whether they are happening in real life or you are just imaging them, our bodies can’t tell the difference. These stressors can be the mental from work or personal issues, physical from weight training or running and environmental from chemical toxins from pollution and poor food and drink choices. 

When the body is under stress it produces a stress hormone call cortisol, this hormone gives your body the energy it needs to continue functioning and attempt to maintain homeostasis (balance). Cortisol is great for short term use as it is a simulate like adrenalin but a lower grade, if cortisol levels are elevated for too long it can have a negative affect. Long term producing of cortisol causes the body to store body fat around the mind section, increasing your risk of diabetes and heart disease. long term elevated cortisol will also start to burn out your adrenal glands from over production of cortisol.

Mental stressor are what we classify typically as being stressed and this is a leading cause of adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is becoming a very common issue, this is where you are wide awake at night and dead tired in the morning no matter how much sleep you get. Not shutting off from work when you get home, mind chatter or thinking about things in your head when your laying in bed. These all tell your body that it is not time to sleep but to work, so the body releases cortisol to give you extra energy to help you deal with this stress, once cortisol is being produced it becomes very hard for most people to get to sleep. Since cortisol has been elevated at night when normally it is low when is comes time to wake up in the morning cortisol levels are depleted and that’s what makes waking up incredibly hard, this becomes a vicious cycle of cortisol low in the morning and high at night. Writing out whats on your mind before you go to sleep will help you switch off and let you deal with it tomorrow. Cortisol depletes magnesium and magnesium helps to calm the mind and bring sleep. 2-4 capsule with dinner should do the trick, more is need in some cases.

Physical stress you put your body through with exercise cause damage to your body, when damage is caused cortisol is produce to help the body repair and also to have energy to keep functioning. If you don’t let your body recover properly from your exercise by 1) Not giving it the right or enough nutrients to rebuild, 2) Don’t sleep enough to let your muscles repair, or 3) Training to frequently and not giving your nervous system enough time to recover then you are going to create a worn out body, this will elevate levels of cortisol and once again you wont lose body fat and more likely start to gain it, performance will decline and your drive to exercise will wilt.

Environmental stress from chemicals like pesticides from our foods, BPA’s from plastics, artificial sweeteners and preservatives from processed foods, electrical magnetic frequencies from mobiles and wifi are coming into our bodies at such high rates and are causing serious health issues, these toxins need to be detoxified and cleared out. The toxic load on the body causes stress and when the body is stress cortisol production is increase. You can reduce this stress by eliminating your exposure to these chemicals and by eating a diet full of protein and vegetables to help eliminate these toxins from your body.


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