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4 Steps To Making More Time For You

Time for your health and wellbeing is time well wasted

1. Take time out for yourself everyday

The positive effect this can have on your life if done properly is amazing, finding time in your day to do something you love, something that you enjoy, something that lets you switch off from your workload. Mine is weight training, 60 minutes each day to forget about everything and put on some good music and training. After my 60 minutes I feel refreshed and energised, ready to get back into my work and focus on what I need to get done. Days I skip training because I think I’m to busy I feel anxious all day, the day feels longer and my energy is lower.

2. Establish a regular routine.

Creating a routine in your day is a great way to get all the things you need to get done. Waking up at the same time, check and respond to emails only at certain times, creating times for each task, going to bed at the same time and so on. Creating structure in your day and organising your workload will let you get through more work in less time as you will be focused on one task at a time.

3. Look for time saving options. 

Sharing the work load or looking for time saving options can have a huge impact on your day, many people I work with are rushed for time, no time to cook good meal, no time to go to the shops, no time to look after themselves. Look for options that will save you time, groceries delivered to your home, meals delivered to your home or work, outsourcing work tasks that can be done by someone with less experience to give you time to work on the bigger tasks that need your expertise. Is it cheaper to pay someone to do the small things for you, freeing up your time to work on more profitable tasks.

4. Spend less time on social media.

This is becoming more and more of an issue for people as we are spending more time then we would like to admit on facebook, instagram, twitter and other forms for social media, this mixed with TV and the next thing you know you have wasted a few hours and still have all your work to do, then you tell yourself your so busy when you just wasted all that time. 

For some people social media can be their release, what they like to do to zone out, but the idea of “me time” is to benefit from it in some way, it’s more then just doing nothing. From training I work up a sweet, get stronger, feel energised, create the body I want, get a positive hormonal effect, feel confident in myself, it creates a lot of positives. Some people meditate to center them selves, some people walk, run or play a sport, the thing that is similar with all of these is that you are active and focused on you and at the same time improving you. 

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Daniel Christie


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