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10 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight


1) Not restricting carbohydrates enough or often enough

An effective fat loss program is low carb, high protein. This is a scientific fact. But, low-carb is a vague term. Simply having the Australian recommended dietary intake  of 310 grams a day could be considered low-carb, but if you are carb sensitive, you will need to go lower to see results. 50 - 100 grams of carbs a day is ideal. This will lead to the production of ketones, then the body is no longer relying on glucose for its fuel source.

Those 50 - 100 grams of carbs should only come from vegetables and select fruits, such as berries and kiwi. Eliminate all grains, whole and processed.

2) Not Weight training properly

If fat loss is your goal you need to be training with a fairly heavy weight, you want to feel your muscles burn, use multi-joint exercises and keep volume of exercise high.

3) Doing the same long bouts of cardio instead in intervals

Long runs is more detrimental to your body, your ankles, knees and hips take so much of the load that it often leads to injuries that prevent training. Try swapping it up with sprint training, sprints are a powerful fat loss tool that gives you back considerably more in terms of fat loss, it takes less time and causes less stress on the body. 

4) Poor gut health

A poorly functioning gut will effect your ability to lose weight.

- Low stomach acid, try taking HCL to boost your natural stomach acids.

- Bad bacteria, try taking a probiotic to help increase the good bacteria.

- Chronic inflammation in the gut, Try cutting gluten and dairy for a few weeks and start taking fiber. 

5) Nutrient deficiency

Nutrient deficiency in vitamin D, magnesium and omega-3 have all been link to an increase in obesity. A blood test will give you the answers you need.

6) Not sleeping enough

This is different for everyone but on average 8 hours of sleep is key to giving the body enough time to repair. People how don’t get enough sleep tend o feel hungrier, make poorer food choices, and eat more up to 300 calorie more per day. Lack of sleep leads to high cortisol which will stop the body from burning fat.

Improve your sleep by sleeping in complete darkness, turn off the TV and computer an hour before bed to wind down, try a grateful log ( has been known to be every effective in improving sleep, keep you phone as far away from you as possible and then consider using natural sleep aids like a topical magnesium cream or inositol.

7) Stressed out

Chronic stress is one of the most common reason stopping people from dropping body fat. Stress leads to cortisol being released and cortisol’s primary function is to increase blood sugar to give you the energy to get through situation. Always stressed and always producing cortisol will cause inflammation and fat loss simply won’t happen.

Having trouble de-stressing your life, try meditation, psychological therapy, or going to a functional medicine doctor, these things might help.

8) Medical issues

Low iron or low B12 are extremely common deficiencies leading to anemia, where women are more at risk.

Certain medications, or having insulin resistance, chronically low blood sugar, hypothyroidism, and other medical issues all keep the body from losing fat. You may need to see a functional medicine doctor.

9) You actually inactive

Other then the 1 hour of exercise you do 3 to 4 times a week your life is sedentary. When you are inactive gene signaling, protein synthesis, and insulin sensitivity all drop. Move more!

10) Weak spot in your diet

Are you vegetarian? Eating more than you think. Eating the same food day in day out. Try filling in a food diary and have a dietitian or BioSignature trainer take a look. 

Not eating real food. 

Easy to say but can be harder to do. Swap processed or packaged foods for fresh whole food like organic meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.


Getting regular body fat assessment is a great way to keep track of your progress and to know what works and what doesn’t work for you. Book in with either David or myself for you biosignature body fat assessment.


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