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CHEK Holistic lifestyle, Poliquin Strength & Conditioning, Crossfit Instructors

Our trainers can guide you with your nutrition, exercise programs and give you ways to boost your daily activities to help you to achieve and maintain long-term health and fitness. All our trainers are fully qualified and registered with Fitness NSW, we have Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Poliquin BioSignature, Nutritional advice, Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Boxing and CrossFit qualified trainers.The Harbourside personal training team will ensure your sessions are fun, functional and rewarding. Combined with a balanced diet you will achieve ”maximum results in minimal time”.

Dave Christie


Personal Trainer, Certified in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Poliquin Biosignature, C.H.E.K Certified and CrossFit Trainer



Dave brings to the Harbourside team a lot of experience and knowledge by being a C.H.E.K Trainer and Poliquin Strength and Conditioning trained. Dave specialises in strength and conditioning offering a nutritional and exercise based approach to helping people achieve their goals. Dave is the head trainer at our Naremburn studio, offering One on One Personal Training and Biosignature. BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge, non-invasive fat loss and wellness program developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin

ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) Certified Sports Nutritionist. Certified in Sport and Exercise Nutrition by Precision Nutrition. 

A Strength and Conditioning Coach trained in the Poliquin Principles by Cameron Oreb a leading Strength and Condition Coach. Charlies Poliquin is a world-renowned strength and conditioning educator and trainer working with many Olympic athletes and sporting teams in the NFL and NBA.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, a health and lifestyle training course run by Paul Chek from the CHEK Institute based on Nutrition and Healthy living habits.

CHEK Exercise Coach from the CHEK Institute. Implementing the art and science of performance and wellbeing. 

CrossFit Instructor, a military style of training using constant varied high intensity functional movement, to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

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Daniel Christie

Personal Trainer , Crossfit Trainer, Strength & Conditioning



Daniel has a world of experience, being a full time Personal Trainer for the past 5 years, he has worked in gyms in London and Canada. Daniel has studied in Sports Therapy, Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Crossfit, Biosignature and as a Master Trainer. Specialising in  Crossfit, Strength & Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Weight Loss through Biosignature. Dan's sessions are functional, effective and challenging to clients of all ages, shapes & sizes

Daniel is the Head Trainer of the North Sydney studio offering One on One and Group Personal Training.

BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge, non-invasive fat loss and wellness program developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin

CrossFit is a fast growing military style of training using constant varied functional exercises at a high intensity, to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Mix of Weight Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastic movements and cardio all thrown into one workout. 

Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy is the treatment and management of conditions which enables people to reach their maximum potential by using treatment techniques and exercises to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.

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Anthony Moore

Physiotherapist, Pilates , Rehabilitation , Older Adults, Sports Injury Management

Anthony is a highly respected Physiotherapist who specialises in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Manual and Manipulative Therapy, Functional Pilates, Exercise Rehabilitation and Sports Re-training.

In addition to being one of the founding members of Vitality Health Services,  Anthony is an on-field Physiotherapist for many prominent sports teams and has worked at a regional, state and national level. Being a keen sportsman, Anthony has also treated and rehabilitated a number of athletes, including aspiring sportspeople with paraplegia and other mobility issues.

Anthony runs his clinic from our Naremburn studio and is available for treatment, individual fitness assessments and group classes.

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Maia Stier

Maia Stier

Postural analysis, Rehab training, Pre-season sports training, Boxing-punch-fit training, Elderly specific exercise and Postural correction 

Maia moved to Australia from New Zealand to pursue her passion for fitness and a career within the industry.

Rehab has been a very strong focus and important aspect of her career development, having gone through a lot of personal rehab as a competitive athlete. She has endured several injuries from competitive snowboarding and has practically lived in a Gym since the age of 12. Having been through the hard yards with her own rehabilitation, she knows what it takes to get back from an injury. 

From improving exercise form, rehabilitation out of injuries or physically balancing out the bodies musculature to prepare for its transformation into peak condition. Whatever goals you have, Maia will help you get there!

If you would like to discuss your fitness options with Maia, please contact us today


Fris Joseph

Gym Instructor- Cert. III (AIF), Master Trainer- Cert. IV (AIF), Advanced Boxing For Fitness Instructor (PunchFit), Older Adults Trainer

Experienced in Group Training, Personal Training, Corporate Health, Bridal Bootcamps, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning and Weight Loss.

My passion for fitness, dedication to helping people and commitment to constant education enables me to provide my clients with effective programs and goal setting and the best personal training service.

My weight loss management consultation provides you with a personal diet analysis, nutritional advice, realistic strategies for developing healthy eating habits, motivation and support.

My boxing and representative basketball background and coaching experience equips me to offer discipline, motivation and, most importantly, fun in each and every workout. I want to teach you, empower you and coach you to a much better YOU! This means maximum commitment, effort and a focus on making permanent lifestyle changes. 

If you would like to discuss your fitness options with Fris, please contact us today


Dan lost an awesome 9.2 kilos is just 8 weeks by following the nutrition plan and structured exercise programme.

8-Week Challenge WINNERS - MENS

Thanks to Dave, the crew at Harbourside Fitness and a lot of hard work, I now feel like I am in my early twenties again!

Ben Morris - 12 week tranformation, changed my life

I didn’t like gyms. However I wasn't improving, so I started PT sessions at Harbourside. What a great decision!

Alanah Fox

Training with Dave has transformed me.

Jackie Sanchez

No More Shopping Around. In my one on one sessions they always push me to reach my goals and keep me motivated.

Amanda Burton

I’m fitter and stronger now than I was when I was 18!!! Thanks Dave!

Adrian Everett

I feel the best & fittest I ever felt - thanks to the highly motivated & professional trainers!

Friederike Sempf

I used to hate training and I could never seem to maintain it. But since I started training with Dave, its become a way of life, I love it and I have lost 10kgs.

Lance Redgrave

I have thoroughly enjoyed my training with Harbourside Fitness and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to improve my health.


Dave has helped me achieve my personal fitness goals through a program that is tailored to my needs. Our sessions are always varied and fun!

Ann Marie O'Neil

I have been training with Daniel for the last 3 months at Harbourside Fitness, and in this time I have lost 8kg and changed my body shape completely!

Lynn Patrick

Sydney Personal Training

2 private One on One personal training studios. Plus Poliquin BioSignature, C.H.E.K. and CrossFit Coaches. We GUARANTEE you’ll get results.

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Sydney Bootcamp

Bootcamp Fitness sessions are tailored to a group dynamic, so you won't feel lost or left behind. You’ll look and feel better in no time!

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Sydney Biosignature

BioSignature goes beyond standard body fat testing and REVEALS your BLUE PRINT for FASTER FAT LOSS! Allowing us to help you achieve your goals faster.

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Sydney Nutrition

Customised online nutrition program has tailored meal preferences, results tracking, meal plans and printable shopping lists.

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