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Why is sugar such a problem

If you are looking to lose weight then it is clear that sugar needs to be eliminated from your diet, not cut back on, eliminated! The more weight you need to lose the stricter you need to be. Once you get to the body you want then yes it is ok to have sugar once a week in small amounts.

Sugar has the effect of altering hormone responses and brain function, the effects heighten some areas and inhibit others, the areas that are heighten are only for a very short time and once it starts to ware of the brain wants the high back, sending strong signals that the majority of people find too hard to resist. These strong messages from the brain drives us to eat more sugar. Sugar also increases and then quickly decreases dopamine levels after consumption so you feel less pleasant and good about yourself causing you to want to eat more sugary foods to bring dopamine and the good feelings back up. Leptin the hunger suppressant hormone is not elevated when sugar is consumed, giving you little satiety plus your internal calorie counter wont count those calories but you can guarantee your waist line will.

Sugar includes most products that are produced from sugar cane, sugar beets, honey, fruit, agave, maple syrup, corn and fructose. Raw sugar, white and brown sugar and molasses are all made up of sugar molecules that are called sucrose (half glucose half fructose)

The more sugar you eat the more weight you will gain. When sugar enters the body in any form listed above it is turned into glycogen and is taken to our cells as potential energy, if our cells already have enough glycogen stored then it is then taken to our fat cells, these cells have no limit. Over consumption of sugar and carbohydrates leads to weight gain. There are also the list of health issues that sugar and increase body fat brings along with it, cancer, hypertension, heart disease, faster aging, poor immune system and diabetes. Sugar and body fat is inflammatory which can decrease the ability of your immune system to function optimally, giving bad bacteria, germs and disease a chance to grow and spread. Disease needs a weakened environment to take root in, sugar creates this weakness.

People have trouble controlling themselves when it comes to consuming sugar, one bite of a cookies leads to another bite, then another cookie then the next thing you know you are finishing off the packet feeling shitty with your self and also wishing there was just one more cookie left. That is the power that sugar has over the brain.

Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as their name sounds, artificial should send off warning bells, they cause more cravings for sweets and sugar and have many other health issues attached to them. We can live without sugar as the body doesn’t need it to survive. 

What can you do to reduce sugars and improve your weight and health?

- Don’t add sugar or sweeteners to foods or drinks 

- Don’t be fooled by healthy sugars, there are none, try stevia instead

- Eliminate processed carbohydrates like bread, rice, pasta, cereal

- Don’t eat fat free foods but eat full fat foods ,as fat free is often filled with sugars and salts to bring back the taste

- Read your labels, a great tip is to look at the total sugars number and then divide that by four, this will give you the number of teaspoons of sugar used. Thats always a good wake up call.

- When you choose to eat fruit keep it to 1 or 2 servings a day and choose low glycemic fruits like, apples and berries.

- Stay away from fruit juice as this is just pure sugar, once juiced all the fiber and a lot of the nutrients are gone.


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