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Tip of the week - Motivation

First week into the new year and people everywhere are eager to get stuck into training. Everyone always has a goal in mind, they have a plan, and this year they are actually going to stick with it and get to where they want to be. Then comes February and you're lucky to find half of those people still going at it hard.

What stops these people? Motivation!!!

Motivation is something that can burn out quickly. People need to see results to stay motivated, particularly if you haven't made regular exercise and following a healthy eating plan a habit before. Changing bad habits, particularly when they are related to unhealthy eating and not enough exercise is very, very hard. So hard, that most people throw in the towel at some point or another.

But, that doesn't have to be you this year, provided you keep your motivation high.

Two great ways to keep your motivational levels high are:

1) Identifying your goals: What do you want out of training? What is your target?

If you have a target in mind you are more likely to move quickly towards it. It is also essential that you measure your progress every week or two. This way if you fall behind it will drive you to work harder and once you see yourself getting closer to your target, you will be more inspired than ever to power home.

2) A support network or someone who can help 'feed' you more motivation.

This could be a friend who is eager to focus on their health and fitness too, or someone you talk to and partner up with at training. If you don’t show up for your scheduled training sessions, not only would you be letting yourself down, but you would be letting them down as well. 

Motivation is what gets you started but habit is what keeps you going.

Exercising is about creating a fit and healthy lifestyle. It is about looking after your body, the same body that needs to carry you around for the next 50 or more years.

I know it’s hard getting up at 5am to get ready for training or finishing a long day of work only to then head to your training session, but if you want it enough you will make the effort. Fitness isn’t given, it is earned and you will never regret it once you have finished.

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