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Tip of the week - Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is still considered the most important meal of the day. Adopting a high protein breakfast is one of the smartest nutritional changes you can make to your current diet.

The benefits of eating a protein breakfast are that it produces a moderate increase to your blood sugar and insulin levels that is sustained for a long period of time, and will leave you feeling satisfied. This is key to controlling your hunger until lunch rolls around. Plus, it gives a more steady supply of glucose to the brain and muscles to keep you focused and on task.

The problem with simple carbohydrate foods for breakfast is they have the opposite response, they give you a lot of energy fast and as fast as it comes, it goes, leaving you hungry, irritated and with poor concentration.

Benefits of a high protein breakfast are that it provides a high degree of satiety and satisfaction keeping you content until lunch, effectively then lowering calorie intake at lunch and dinner as you are not starving by the time these meals come around, plus you will perform better at work and in your training.

“I don’t have the time in the morning”.

Make the time! Or an easier way to start is by cooking a little extra meat with the night before’s meal and having it for breakfast.

What will I eat for breakfast?

There is a wide variety of protein sources, these could include beef, lamb, poultry, pork, fish or eggs. Aim to pair you meat with low GI foods like nuts, vegetables or berries.


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