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Master Your Insulin

Master Your Insulin

Insulin is the master hormone, it governs pretty much every other hormone in some way and management of it is critical if muscular gain or fat loss is your priority.

Insulin has the ability to increase the uptake of protein into cells, as well as increasinganabolic (Building/Regenerative) processes it can also help decrease catabolic (degenerative) processes.

To make insulin work for us depends on the individual but fundamentally it involves consuming carbs and protein together. Insulin then under the right environment and at the right levels triggers anabolism and delivers the amino acids for protein synthesis (Muscle adaptation).

Managing Insulin is all about the diet and what we’re looking for is a small spike in most cases, enough to drive those nutrients into tissue.

The only meal as a note that requires a rapid and high spike in insulin is the post workout.

During a workout we have damaged tissue and driven blood sugar down. This needs a reactive spike to bring blood sugar and insulin levels back to baseline and also drive amino acids to repair the damaged cells. Utilizing a post workout carb and protein drink is critical as this speeds up the absorption. Irrelevant of the makeup of an individual I would in almost ALL cases recommend a 2:1 ratio of carbs and protein post workout


The human body is in a constant state of protein turnover. Anything that is cellular is constantly being degradation or breakdown. Insufficient consumption of protein means that the body remains in a state of degeneration stealing amino acids from non-critical to maintain critical function. Protein has a large amount of factors as to its turnover rate, hormones, diet and training to name but a few. When we influence Insulin and any other anabolic hormone positively that number goes UP.

There have been countless studies on optimal intake but some of the best results have been shown when purely mass building at 2 to 3g/kg. of bodyweight.

If we refer back to the initial points:           

Increase Anabolic hormones and decrease catabolic hormones.

Increase Protein and nutrient turnover.


The use of BCAAs during training is once again something I will re-iterate, read my past articles for more info but these are a few of the finer points.

• It helps to regulate and promote protein synthesis and reduce degradation.
• It helps with the anabolic/catabolic hormone ratio
• Raises Growth hormone and Insulin during a workout.


It has been shown that there is a worldwide prevalence in Zinc deficiency and also that is plays a large role in modulating testosterone levels.

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