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Key tips to paleo living

Stay orgainsed - To avoid getting caught out with nothing to eat, being prepared is a major part of paleo eating. Keeping your fridge and freezer stocked and preparing meals the night before will keep you on track and prevent you from having to visit the food court for lunch or skipping breakfast.

Portion sizes - Now that you are eating healthy foods, there is still cause for portion control. Yes, you can eat more when eating clean but it doesn’t mean you can gorge yourself at every meal. We are aiming to be satisfied by a meal and no more, keep it simple with 200-300 grams of meat, 3 cups of vegetables and a serving of healthy fats per meal.

Importance of sleep - You will not burn fat if you don’t sleep. You burn over 85% of your daily fat burning when you are asleep. Turn the phone, laptop and tv off an hour before bed and read a book or talk with your family.

Paleo junk food - Everyone is jumping onto the paleo nutrition wave and with it everyone is trying to make healthy versions of their old favorites, like paleo pizza, paleo biscuits and muffins. Yes, this is great as they can keep it interesting but remember to eat these foods in moderation as they are often high in sugars and often have non paleo ingredients.

Overeating on nuts - limit yourself to 1 handful of nuts a day and if you have trouble with this then it might be safer to cut them out and only have them from time to time. Nuts are a great snack but are easy to graze on and next thing you know you are halfway through your weeks supply. Nuts are still high in calories and fats so keep on eye on them.

A pantry full of junk food - If you have taken on paleo as your way of nutrition then it is time to throw out the old and only keep the new. All those packets of pasta and biscuits, processed meats and canned foods can be donated to charity or friends/neighbours. But clear them out, no good having temptation near by.

Worried about eating fat - Well don’t be. Fat wont make you fat unless you consume too much and you have a bad liver. Carbohydrates on the other hand will. Stay away from the grains and stick to the vegetables.

Worry about a slip up - We all slip up in every area of our lives and there is no point letting it get to you. Learn from it and move on. Make it your cheat meal for the week.

Cheat meals - Adding in a cheat meal once a week or fortnight can make the paleo lifestyle a little easier. But that meal starts when you sit down and is over once you get up, there is no going back for seconds. Treat it like a normal meal, eat to be satisfied not stuffed.

Get creative with herbs and spices - People complain that paleo is boring to the taste buds. Yes, it isn’t as sweet and sugary as the foods you are used to eating but have you ever tried adding herbs and spices to your meats, salads an vegetables? There are hundreds of herb and spice mixes out there, get creative and spice up your meals. 


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