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Cellulite! 10 ways to prevent it

These tips will also help reduce and prevent cellulite

There is no doubt that cellulite is more likely to affect women who carry more than ideal weight and body fat. Women that keep fit are much less likely to be afflicted by this problem, but nevertheless, they are not totally immune either.

Here are some ways you can prevent cellulite.

1.  Physical exercise: Yes back to the basics. Exercising does help prevent cellulite.  It greatly decreases the blood concentration of insulin which means less fat and less cellulite.

2.  Do not eat a lot of salt! It promotes fluid retention and raises the possibility of leakage into fat cells.

3.  Eat fibre! Lacking fibre increases pressure inside your capillaries, which again leads to fluid leaking out of your blood and into your fat cells.

4.  Do not eat fast absorbing carbs. For example too many sweets.

5.  Keep your blood flowing from your legs to your heart. A good way to do this is stand up and raise you calves off the ground up and down (like a calf raise workout) for 5-10 minutes.  This is a good exercise for not only students but for those of you who work at a desk all day.  If the lower limbs are not exercised enough, blood will build up in your lower limbs, which promotes leakage into your fat cells. 

6.  Move more. If you’re stuck inside all day, take the stairs and avoid elevators to get a bit of movement in during the day.

7.  Avoid tight clothing such as wearing skinny jeans everyday. Tight clothing can actually damage your leg muscles and make it difficult for the blood to get back to your heart.

8.  Avoid high heels on a daily basis. If you are at a 9-5 job where you are entitled to wear heels all day, take them off under you’re desk and bring a pair of comfy shoes. High heels have the same effect as tight clothing!

9.  If you are a smoking, smoke less, if you are a drinker, drink less: smoking decreases tissue oxygenation and alcohol increases fat formation.

10. Relax. Depression, anger, frustration, anxiety and stress can add to cellulite, so try to relax in every day life.



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