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6 Week Challenge




6 Week Challenge

Creating a Fit and Health Lifestyle

Getting up one hour earlier every day will give you an extra month per year! Imagine the change you can make with that time.

Are you serious about getting in shape?

Do you want to lose body fat, be healthier, faster and stronger? 

The silly season is over and it’s time to clean out your system and whip your body back into shape. Kick off the new year with our 6 week nutrition and exercise challenge. We have put together a 42 day meal by meal plan that is all about clean eating, plus all entrants will have UNLIMITED access to bootcamp for the 6 weeks. Combining nutrition with Bootcamp or Personalised Training and you will be looking and feeling better. 

The only thing stopping you is you! Look after number one and take care of your health and fitness. Everything is done for you, you just have to commit and make the effort to change.

 Entry $50 includes:

  1. 6 week meal plan - Every meal written out for you.
  2. Weekly shopping list
  3. HSF weight loss program - Why and how to feed your body the right foods.
  4. Food breakdown list - Displaying the amounts of Protein, Carbs and Fats for all foods.
  5. Healthy recipe list - With over 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  6. Weight loss tracker - For daily at home use to keep you focused.
  7. Unlimited Access to bootcamp for current memebrs. New menebers $222 for 6 weeks of unlimited bootcamp or $37 a week.
  8. Body assessment - Body weight, body fat, measurements at start and finish date.
  9. Fitness test - Maximum pushups, bent over rows in a minute, thrusters in a minute, plank as long as possible and the 3 Peaks run at start and finish date.
  10. Body and fitness assessment on first and last week.
  11. Before and after photo.

Competition details: Starts Monday 4/2 Finishes Monday 18/3

At the end of the 6 week challenge, all fitness tests and body assessments will be re tested and the person with the greatest percentage of improvement over all areas will receive 75% of the total entry money and 3 month free Unlimited Bootcamp or 4 x 60minute personal training sessions.

The person with the second greatest percentage of improvement overall will receive 25% of total entry money.

Ask any of our trainers about joining up today!


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