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5 tip for making you regular

Being regular is extremely important for our health. 

The foods that we eat pass through the digestive tract where the nutrients are absorbed by the body and feeds our gut bacteria, whatever isn’t used keeps moving down towards the colon to be excreted. Toxins are also pushed out of the body through the digestive tract, so if you aren’t having regular bowel movements 1-3 times a day you can imaging there is a lot of toxic rotting matter sitting in your digestive track.  The longer it sits there the more it starts to rot and those toxins start to get re absorbed by the body and this is a very bad thing.

It’s very common to have people coming in saying they are having troubles with their stomach. They feel bloated, full all the time and have a little pot belly but have no idea what is wrong; plus their weight starts to creep up. After a few basic questions we always end up at the question, when did you have your last bowel movement? And more often than not the answer is a few days ago and sometimes it’s been a few weeks. 

Think about how much food you eat and how much comes out?  There needs to be a close balance, otherwise it's just sitting in your insides rotting and backing you up.

We need to focus on giving our bodies not only the right foods that are full of nutrients but also the foods that will help move things along our digestive tract, pushing out what we don’t need.

Here are my first 5 steps to encourage regular bowel movements:

1.     10-15g fibre with each meal. Fibre helps create bulk in your stool, feeds good gut bacteria and helps move things along.

# You need to change your source of fibre every 2 weeks so your body doesn’t adapt to it. Try chia seeds, psyllium husk and fibre blends like fiber-3 and primal fibre. 

2.     Eat 3 vegetables with every meal. Vegetables are full of fibre and nutrients that help reduce stress and inflammation in the digestive track. Pack your meals full of vegetables, the more the better and more variety of colours the better.

3.     Drink enough water per day. Staying hydrated is important for the whole body to function optimally; your goal is to drink 39ml per kg of bodyweight. 80kg person x 39ml = 3.1L per day, 60kg person = 2.3L per day.

4.     Have digestive enzymes with your meals. Digestive enzymes help your body break down the foods you eat, in turn letting your body process them easier.

5.     Avoid processed foods.  Processed foods are full of salts and contain little to no fibre and can easily block you up.

If all else fails try: 

1.     Double shot espresso in the morning


2.     15ml of castor oil in the morning

To Healthy Living

 Daniel Christie


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