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5 main reasons why we become fat Part 1

The diet that made us human is the one that will keep us human. That diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, high quality animal protein, especially offal and fish. Our diet has the power to radically improve or impairs our health, performance and intelligence. It also has the power to create or fight disease.

Over the next 5 weeks we will look at the 5 main reasons why we become fat.

  1. Toxicity

The toxicity that we are exposed to on a daily basis is reaping havoc on our bodies, these toxins effect our hormones and our mitochondria. Our hormones are the bodies chemical messengers that regulate our bodily functions and our mitochondria are our cells energy burners. These two control our metabolism and when there not working properly they can cause weight gain, depression, poor sleep and the feeling of being rundown. 

These issue that everyone seems to have at least 2 of are not the way our bodies were designed to function, we should not feel like this, we should be energised in the morning and be able to carry that energy throughout the whole day, then as it becomes night we should start to wind down and sleep should come easily. 

Chemicals like pesticides from our foods, BPA’s from plastics, artificial sweeteners and preservatives from processed foods, electrical magnetic frequencies from mobiles and wifi are coming into our bodies and causing serious health issues, these toxins need to be detoxified and cleared out, if the liver can’t clear these poisons out the body will create new fat cells to store them in to keep them out of the blood stream and away for vital organs so they can’t cause too much damage. This is why it is so important to stay as close as we can to a natural diet and lifestyle.

So what can you do?

Making small changes will have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Avoid heating food in plastic containers and taking the plastic lid of your take away coffee as the BPA toxins in the plastic seep out when heated, changing processed and packaged foods for naturals fresh produce. Changing sodas and diets sodas for clean filtered water and green tea. Sleeping with your home wifi turned off and your mobile phone as far from you as possible. Using natural skin care and cleaning product that don’t use chemicals that will seep into your body through your skin like. These few changes will have a dramatic effect on your bodies ability to detoxify and the better you can detoxify the easier it is for the body to heal and lose weight. Read the labels on your foods, if there are ingredients listed other then the actual food  it’s self and you have no idea what they are then it’s highly likely your body doesn’t either.


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